Chase began playing for Rod in 2010 and we have spent three years in his system.  We came to Rod because we were told that he could prepare Chase for the next level.  We have been pleased with the results. Rod truly cares about each of his players and devotes his energies toward maximizing the potential for each athlete. Showcase baseball requires tremendous committment and dedication and Rod was able to keep my son excited to learn and driven to excel.  Rod has been a strong presence in the recruiting process for us and I have seen firsthand that he is respected by both college coaches and professional scouts.  We know that we made the right choice three years ago.  Chase has committed to Rockhurst University and will continue his baseball career. Rod and Patricia are truly good people and I consider them excellent role models for our youth.  The KC Elite team has been very successful and is considered to be a high caliber team everywhere in the country we have traveled.  Chase will always consider himself a KC Elite Athletic and we will always consider Rod and Patricia Myers to be our friends.  Jim Leavy

Jim Leavy