September 23, 2015

Dear potential KC Elite family,
I’ve known Rod Myers since 2008, even before he began coaching our son fall of his high school freshman year. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know him and his family quite well. I can truthfully say that I have the utmost respect for Rod, not only as a baseball coach, but as an attentive father, humble person, and one of the most genuine men you’ll ever meet.
There has never been any doubt that Rod had nothing but my son’s best interest at heart. His connections within the baseball community are next to none; I’ve always trusted that he would put Ryan in front of the “right people” to aid him in achieving his dream of playing baseball at the collegiate level. Rod has always strived to showcase our (his) boys where most appropriate for THEM, assessing their potential and helping place them accordingly. I believe that getting our son to the next level – college baseball – would not have been possible without KC Elite.
I’ve been involved in sports my entire life, from little league to college and helped coach for nine years. Knowing how time consuming and sometimes “thankless” it can be, I found it refreshing that Rod always seemed to connect with his team and always encouraged them to “play AND enjoy the game.”
Every single summer 2015 player that wanted to, 12 out of 14 young men, went on to play in college. If you want your child to be in an exceptional position to continue learning baseball at the next level, or if you just want your child to simply enjoy the game at a competitive level, there’s no question you can count on Rod Myers and KC Elite to make that happen.

Most Sincerely,
Ronnell Kayhill

Kayhill Family