Our son played for KC Elite for 5 seasons.  Hunter’s life is baseball.  He’s played since he was just 4 years old and has always loved the game.  However, I have never seen a child’s love grow as much as it did when he started to play at KC Elite.  He showed a desire to develop into a catcher, a position he had very little experience playing.  Rod helped him and coached him to be a pretty great one!  I have seen a lot of kids in older age groups miss the coaching aspect as some organizations figure that once the boys reach a certain age, they no longer need instruction.  All of the KC Elite staff coach right up to their last game before they leave for school.

During the college visits and camps, the KC Elite players stood out.  Not only was their skills very impressive compared to other players there; but their demeanor, professionalism and maturity was head and shoulders above the others. They hustled, stood at the front of each line, supported each other and were first to volunteer to assist coaches and other players.

We are proud to say that Hunter signed to play with Coffeyville Jr College on a full tuition scholarship for the catching position.

Thank you, Rod for all you have taught them. The Kellgren’s are so proud to be a part of this organization


Kellgren Family