Maximize Your Baseball Potential
For College Opportunities

Learn from someone who played in the big leagues…
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Nothing Beats Learning from a Pro Who’s Been to “The Show”
(Major League Baseball)

At KC Elite, we bring in the best of the best baseball talent around.

Then we make them BETTER.

Instead of Wondering How Much Potential You Have as a Baseball Player – Find Out Now

Rod Myers is the guru to tomorrow’s stars. He’s a KC Royals Alumni member . . . played Major League Baseball. Rod’s been there, done that. And now, he’s the hands-on teacher.

At KC Elite . . .

There are no days off. We develop your skills every day. Our goal: We help student-athletes position themselves to earn college athletic scholarships.

You play with – and against – the best of the best to develop your skills to the next level.

We transform our talented athletes into baseball players that colleges can’t resist – and come running to with college opportunities in hand.

KC Elite is the REAL deal…

  • All-inclusive fees . . . you just bring the talent
  • A coaching staff with over 25 years of experience
  • An owner who’s played in the Major League
  • A 13-year track record of sending players on to college baseball
  • Trimmed rosters to ensure quality playing time (gotta get some PT!)
  • Highly regarded, compensated coaches
  • Teams built to take players to the next level
  • And much more!

Just bring the enthusiasm and willingness to learn while KC Elite elevates your game the professional way!

Parents Can’t Say Enough About KC Elite

“Myers and his assistant coaches. While they were completely different persons/players, Rod knew how to handle and develop each of my sons. He made both of them better – better as people and better as athletes! Rod knows how to affirm every boy, while also setting high standards. Our sons responded well to Rod’s leadership, direction, and guidance. He has an innate gift to know when to push the pedal and when to back off with each boy’s development. He’s a great coach, an insightful mentor, and a good human being. My sons would say, without hesitation, that playing for Rod was the high point of their baseball lives!”

Bryon McLaughlin

“KC Elite is a wonderful organization. Rod Myers definitely prepared our son to play at the next level at college. KC Elite is not just an organization but it is a family. Rod treats each and every player like his own son. It has been a blessing to play with this organization for 7 years. We will definitely recommend this organization to anyone who want their son to play at the next level. Thank you so much to Rod and Patricia Myers…”

Angela Parker

Rod Myers, Kansas City Royals, Major League Baseball

Former KC Royals outfielder Rod Myers founded KC Elite to develop young baseball players into athletes of elite technical skill and sportsmanship. Our top-of-the-line pitching, hitting, and fielding programs are guided by Coach Myers’ knowledge and skill as a five-tool player in the Major Leagues.

We believe athletic excellence is best developed through playing time on the field, not the bench. Because of this, many of our players have made their high school teams and gone on to play baseball at some of the best colleges at all levels.

But beyond championships and college commitments, we feel the greatest successes of KC Elite are found in the number of families who trust us with their kids’ athletic potential.

Now is the time. Take your game to the next level. And position your skills to knock it out of the park . . . and soar towards college baseball.

To become the best you can be . . . you have to learn from the best . . . and play with the best.