Welcome to KC Elite

We are so glad you decided to join our team. We truly believe that you will find that you made a great decision for your player and your family. We belive in our coaches and families that make KC Elite great.  We believe in the process and what we are doing here with baseball players in the Kansas City area. We have put together this page to help you navigate through the steps of what is next in completing paperwork, getting added to your team groupme and learning how we do things here at KC Elite. As always if you have questions that can’t be answered here please feel free to call Trisha at 816-699-1982.


 The following page is to guide you through all the steps that and process that will be taking place. 


You can find the registration page by going to www.kcelitesports.com and clicking on the link to register for tryout. If you do not receive this email please contact us. If you are unsure please contact Trisha with KC Elite.

Offer to play

At some point either before Rod called you or prior to him calling you will receive an official email offer from our Blue Sombrero. You will need to accept the offer this allows us to have all your information on your player profile and team page. 


You will recieve a contract for our player/family code of conduct and one for player fees. We ususally recruit players for both fall and spring/summer. If you are a high school player we do not play during the spring just fall/summer and your contract does include winter workouts.  You will recieve that by email or if you have already been added to your team group me we will share it in that group as well.  If you haven’t received it don’t panick just reach out to Trisha.  Click here for a video how to sign your contract.

P.S. Just in case you’re having trouble signing and you’re using anything Apple apparently you need to click on the Safari sign in order to sign the forms. Geez special apple users😂😂😂


Group Me App

You will be added to a parent group me for your particular team. This group is set up or communication for coaches and parents to communicate.  As an organization we will share some communication on group me. This WILL NOT be our first line of communication. It moves really fast and we end up missing parents questions.  Players also typically have a group me for them and their coaches. Please know sometimes it takes a little time to get all numbers saved and added. If you feel like you didn’t get added or something is wrong contact Trisha. Or ask on the parent Facebook page.


Parent's Facebook Group

In order to streamline our communication we have decided to try and use a private closed parent Facebook group. Here is the link to add yourself. This will be one of our main lines of communication and where we will share important communication. You can contact Trisha if you feel like you have attiditional question. Facebook Parent Group Link

Team Store

The team  store is located on our website: www.kcelitesports.com You can find the tab for Shop in the top right corner. Or if your ready now you can click HERE

We will provide them with Navy jersey, hat and 2 practice shirts for fall. They will need our specific socks in either sock style or stirup style. We require grey pants with navy piping. They will also need navy helmet and decal.  Click here to view a short video on what is needed.


Team Calendars

You can find your team calendar under teams on the www.kcelitesports.com

Click here to see a video on how to sync your calendars to your phone.

Team Hotels

We almost always play tournaments that are stay to play. Which means KC Elite will pick a hotel provided by the tournament director.  The cost is usually between $99 to $159 depending on the tournament and location.

We will always try and choose a Marriott hotel but sometimes that is not an option.

Hotel information will be provided by KC Elite with a minimum of 1 week notice  so that teams can book rooms.


Credit Card on File

If for any reason in the season you need to update your credit card just fill out a new form with the link below.  Please make sure text me and let me know once it is all filled out.  Trisha 816-699-1982

Team Credit Card Form

How to unsubscribe from a previous team calendar

You will have to be logged into your gmail account.  Click here is a video for you to unsubscribe.