First Division Program (AA & AAA)

Proud to announce we are starting up a AA & AAA program. We are calling this the First Division program because we don’t want to call them affiliates because they will be part of the KC Elite family and calling them affiliates doesn’t feel like family. KC Elite Staff will do more than just allow them to use our uniforms and our name. We understand the challenges of having dad coaches and we intend to help manage the teams from a neutral standpoint. KC Elite understand that there are dads that can bring a certain value to the team environment so we will use those to our advantage. This program will be designed to develop players as a collective unit. KC Elite staff will help in the try-out and selection process, administrative process, and development of each player and coach.

Our first team is already in the process of doing try-outs. KC Elite Bandits 13U AA will be coached by Terry Bowers. Coach Terry has 8 years of baseball coaching from t-ball through competitive baseball. We are excited for this new opportunity and venture.

Please contact us if you have or know a player interested in trying out.

Go KC Elite!Please contact Patricia Myers at 816-699-1982 if you have interest in bringing a team to KC Elite for baseball or softball. There several options for teams wanting to join KC Elite.