I mentioned the importance of an individual workout each week to the players on the white squad Sunday evening.  I also told them I would send a long toss workout and a small throwing session for mound practice.

This will get arms going and get some conditioning as well.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Perform this routine at least one time per week and two times a week if there is a chance.
It takes about 12 minutes to do this part.

1. Warm up by playing light catch
2. Throw at 60 feet for 4 minutes
3. Throw at 90 feet for 3 minutes
4. Throw at 130 feet for 2 minutes
5. Throw at 160 to 180 feet for 2 minutes
6. Cool down at 45 feet for 1 minute, working on spins
Try to throw with a limited arc on the baseball, and use proper throwing mechanics by taking a small crow hop with each throw. It’s OK for the ball to bounce. After a couple of weeks with this routine, you’ll be amazed at the improvement, and you should find that he will be able to get the ball back and forth without having to bounce it.

On the mound:
10 Fastballs
5  Curveballs
5  Change-ups
10 Mixed throws

Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and stretch.  Ice.  Repeat… weekly.  🙂

I hope everyone has a great night!!


Coach Steve Willis